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Ian has been playing guitars ever since he was a teenager. When he is not playing a guitar, you’ll find him writing about guitars. He loves sharing his knowledge with other enthusiasts.
flatwound vs roundwound

Flatwound vs Roundwound Strings: Sound Quality Differences

In this guide, you'll learn the differences between flatwound and roundwound strings so that you choose the very best strings for your guitar.
microphonic pickups

3 Easy Ways to Fix Microphonic Pickup on Guitars

I know how tough it is to generate clean tones on guitars with microphonic pickups. To help you out, come check out these 3 fixes that have worked for me before
metal amp settings

The Best Metal Amp Settings Perfect for Melting Faces

Are you a total metalhead but can't get quite your tone right? These are the best metal amp settings that'll make your favorite metal songs soar.
helix vs kemper

Helix vs Kemper: Which Is the Better Amp for You?

High demand and high rivalry---the Kemper vs Helix battle has been raging for years. Check out our deep dive on each amp so you can choose the best one for you.