Guitar Basics

Learn guitar basics and you’ll have the fundamental tools to achieve your guitar goals, one strum at a time. Here, you’ll find all of the must-know topics to transform you into your neighborhood’s guitar wizard in no time flat.

Flatwound vs Roundwound Strings: Sound Quality Differences

In this guide, you'll learn the differences between flatwound and roundwound strings so that you choose the very best strings for your guitar.

3 Easy Ways to Fix Microphonic Pickup on Guitars

I know how tough it is to generate clean tones on guitars with microphonic pickups. To help you out, come check out these 3 fixes that have worked for me before

The Best Metal Amp Settings Perfect for Melting Faces

Are you a total metalhead but can't get quite your tone right? These are the best metal amp settings that'll make your favorite metal songs soar.

50 Most Underrated Guitarists of All Time (#18 Will Surprise You)

The pool of talent over the history of music is vast, but some slip under the radar. Check out my humble roundup of the most underrated guitarists of all time.

50 Best Guitar Campfire Songs That Everyone Will Love

Playing the guitar at a campfire is exhilarating and sets the best mood for a group. Get inspired by our picks of the very best guitar campfire songs.

How to Make an Acoustic Guitar Electric: 3 Methods to Try Out

Luckily, there are ways how to make an acoustic guitar electric. All you need are a few materials, some passion, and a little creativity. 

Are Yamaha Guitars Good? Everything You Need to Know

I often see newer guitar players wonder if they should buy a Yamaha. It begs the question: are Yamaha guitars good? Read on to find out!

Guitar Anatomy: The Top-to-Bottom Guide to Your Guitar

You’re suddenly lost when teachers talk about frets, bridges, tuning, and more. What you need is a lesson on guitar anatomy. Buckle up and come explore.

What Does “Scooping the Mids” Mean and Should You Do It?

Come find out what scooping the mids means, how to do it, why some guitar players choose to scoop their mids, and why others are so against it.

Are Guitar Lessons Worth It? This is the Best Way to Learn Guitar

Jimi Hendrix was self taught. But should you go down this path? Come find out whether guitar lessons are really worth it in this in-depth guide.

How Much Does Guitar Setup Cost? Everything You Need to Know

Don't get ripped off with your setup. In this article, you'll find out how much guitar setup costs and some ballpark estimates to help you budget for this step.

Do Acoustic Guitars Sound Better With Age? Facts to Consider

Do acoustic guitars sound better with age? Good question. In this guide, I’m diving into the science behind why your guitar’s sound evolves.