Guitar Basics

Learn guitar basics and you’ll have the fundamental tools to achieve your guitar goals, one strum at a time. Here, you’ll find all of the must-know topics to transform you into your neighborhood’s guitar wizard in no time flat.

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3 Benefits of a Low Action Guitar [& How to Adjust Your Guitar Action]

What are the benefits of a low action guitar? Today I’ll cover the advantages and disadvantages of low guitar action, as well as how to adjust the action on your guitar.

How To Strum A Guitar [A Beginner’s Guide]

Learning how to strum a guitar properly is importantl & often overlooked. I've covered all the common strumming styles, so you can see what works best for you.

3 Causes of Guitar Wrist Pain or Hand Pain [& How to Treat Them]

Today I'll share with you 3 causes of guitar wrist pain or hand pain, and how you can treat them. I'll also share tips about proper posture when playing guitar.

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4 Benefits of Fretless Guitars [and 3 Drawbacks]

Going fretless might seem intimidating. Do the benefits of a fretless guitar outweigh the cons? We’ll explore that topic.

3 Benefits of Big Guitar Picks

Changing the size of your guitar pick may improve your playing. Here are my thoughts about the benefits of big guitar picks.