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Ben is a longtime guitar player and music enthusiast. He has performed extensively and recorded professionally. He founded Strummingly to help other people experience the joy of music.
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Are Guitar Lessons Worth It? This is the Best Way to Learn Guitar

Jimi Hendrix was self taught. But should you go down this path? Come find out whether guitar lessons are really worth it in this in-depth guide.
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How Much Does Guitar Setup Cost? Everything You Need to Know

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6 Best Blues Acoustic Guitars in 2022 That Won’t Get You Down

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3 Best EQ Pedals for That Perfect Shredding Sound

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The 5 Best Guitars for Worship (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

What's the best guitar for worship? Today I'll walk you through some excellent guitar options, so you can find a good fit and sound your best.
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5 Best Acoustic Guitars for Country Music That’ll Bring the Twang

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The 5 Best Baritone Guitars (Reviews and Buying Guide])

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19 Elegant Music Room Ideas (Decor & Accessories)

Today I’ll share 19 elegant and versatile music room ideas to fit any taste. I think you’ll find something you like!
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The 7 Best Beginner Acoustic Guitars for Kids (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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Best Guitar Pickups for Metal (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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3 Causes of Guitar Wrist Pain or Hand Pain (& How to Treat Them)

Today I'll share with you 3 causes of guitar wrist pain or hand pain, and how you can treat them. I'll also share tips about proper posture when playing guitar.
easy guitar songs for beginners

39 Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners (Using 3 Chords or Less)

Here's a list of 39 EASY guitar songs for beginners. This list has all kinds of songs, and everything you need in one place. Tutorials, chords, lyrics & more,