19 Elegant Music Room Ideas (Decor & Accessories)

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music room ideas

Many people with extra space in their homes opt to convert it into a music room. These rooms can serve a variety of purposes – for example, a classical musician and an audiophile will have very different definitions of what a music room means to them.

No matter what you intend to use your music room for, here’s one opinion that everyone shares in common – music rooms provide a reprieve from the mundanity of everyday life, and should be decorated as such.

Without further ado, here’s a list of some of our best music room decor ideas!

Music Room Decor Ideas

Make it A Multifunctional Space

music room with drum set and guitar

Image Source: Instagram 

Who says a music room should only serve one purpose? Yes, music can be loud, but some activities benefit from a little background noise. In those cases, allowing one room to serve two purposes can make for a more functional design choice.

We absolutely love the idea pictured above, in which a music room is directly connected to a home gym. Most workouts involve music, and an adjoining music room allows you to benefit from a live music performance! Those days of running on a treadmill with headphones plugged in are over!

Get Inspired By Natural Lighting

music room with piano and natural lighting

Studies show that being exposed to sunlight can have a positive impact on mood and cognitive performance. For that reason, we highly recommend brightening up your music room with some natural light! Not only will this improve your general well-being, it is also sure to get your creative juices flowing.

The best way to get some sunlight into the room is to rely on windows and skylights. To amplify the amount of light in the room, try using mirrors. Even if your music room doesn’t get any sunlight, mirrors can reflect light from a different source to brighten up your space!

Make Use Of Tapestries and Patterns

music room with drum and tapestries

Image Source: Instagram

Pattern mixing lends visual interest to any room, but we think it is particularly fitting for creative spaces such as a music room. Remember that your primary pattern sets the vibe for the entire room, so pick one that is conducive to your music creation process!

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that patterns can come in a myriad of sizes and color tones. In general, you want to stick to the same color tone, but have a combination of small, large, and medium-sized patterns. You can learn more about pattern-mixing here.

Brick Accent Walls For Rustic Charm

music room with piano and brick wall

Accent walls are a go-to interior design staple because they create visual depth to a room. We absolutely love the way brick accent walls were used to add a touch of rustic charm to this music room! 

The best part about accent walls is that the options are limitless. From floral wallpapers to brightly colored walls, the sky’s the limit depending on the aesthetic you’re trying to create!

Throw In A Statement Couch

 music room with couch and piano

Image Source: Instagram

Statement furniture is a great way to add visual appeal to a room, and we think this bright red statement couch illustrates our point perfectly! Couches come in a myriad of sizes, shapes, colors, and price points. This means that you’ll be able to find the perfect statement couch easily – no matter what your music room looks like!

Because couches in a music room might not be frequently used, it might be a good idea to opt for a budget-friendly couch. This allows you and your guests to listen to music in comfort, without breaking the bank!

Create Warmth With Wooden Furniture

music room with wooden furniture and piano

Image Source: Houzz 

When it comes to interior decor, wood is one of the most popular materials around. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to many other types of furniture as wood is a renewable, biodegradable material. In addition, wood provides you with many types of options and finishings to go with the overall decor of your room

The versatility of wood means that it can go well with a wide range of styles. Beyond the traditional farmhouse style, wood also works perfectly in a room with a nautical or nordic theme. Whether you choose to use wood as part of the flooring or furniture, wood will lend an authentic, elegant touch to your final design. 

Experiment With Classical Elements

music room with Greek elements

Classical interior design combines elements of Greek and Roman interior design to create a sense of balance, harmony and order. This style appeals to antiquity and sophistication. As such, it is often a favorite among individuals who prefer a timeless, elegant style.

For a simple example of what we mean, look no further than the image above. The use of ionic columns pays homage to traditional Greek architecture while drawing the eye to the classical piano located squarely in-between. 

The general lack of clutter is also a quintessential feature of classical interior design. Together, the columns and the instrument create an aesthetically cohesive, balanced whole.

Set The Mood With A Themed Backdrop

music room with a themed city background

Image Source: Houzz

If you have a specific theme in mind, there’s no easier way to bring it to life than by creating a themed backdrop! From multidimensional sets to simple paper cutouts, you can make this project as easy or complex as you’d like it to be. 

We think the image above is a great example of how backdrops can be made to look incredibly immersive with some effort and lots of creativity. Paper cutouts of the city skyline never looked this good!

The best part? Making a themed backdrop is usually more fun in groups! So, invite your friends, gather your kids, and make a weekend project out of it!

Build A Mini Stage

music room with a mini stage

Image Source: Instagram

Picture a musician, and what usually comes to mind is the image of a skilled instrumentalist playing their heart out on-stage. So, live your fantasies and build a mini stage of your own! 

This idea is especially popular with children. Kids with a vivid imagination will thoroughly enjoy throwing concerts and performances on-stage! If you’re handy with tools, you can even build one yourself. This allows you to customize the stage according to your room’s requirements.

Pay Homage To Your Musical Icons

music room with musical icon photos and records

Image Source: Houzz

What better way to get inspired in your music room than by paying homage to your favorite musical icons? Whether you intend to play instruments or listen to records, every music-related activity can only be enhanced by the photographic presence of your idols.  

Whether you’re a classical musician who loves using music theory, or a classic rock fan who rocks out to Led Zeppelin, this approach can work.  

Depending on the vibe of your room, you can incorporate this design idea in a number of ways. The image above features a more classic style featuring framed black-and-white photos for a cohesive feel, but those opting for a more haphazard punk-and-rock aesthetic might consider band posters or record covers.

Whichever option you choose, we guarantee the results will be amazing!

Turn Instruments Into Centerpieces

music room with the piano as a center piece

Musical instruments are works of art in and of themselves. For that reason, many dedicated musicians choose to present their musical instruments as the centerpiece of their music room. From their beautiful exteriors to the sounds they produce, there is a lot to appreciate about every instrument.

Those who intend to use this idea have a myriad of design options to pick and choose from. Placing the instrument in the middle of the room is a reliable option, but you can also make creative interior design choices. For example, the image above illustrates the strategic placement of pictures to draw the eye to the piano. How clever!

Incorporate Exposed Elements

music room with exposed wood ceiling and walls

Image Source: Houzz

Exposed elements lend a ton of character to your room, making it a top choice for any savvy interior decorator. 

Many people associate exposed elements with industrial design features such as granite floors, concrete pillars, and overhanging pipe fixtures. While these are certainly great options, you can also opt for a style that is more subtle and cohesive.

For example, opting for a combination of ceiling beams and wall paneling made of wood gives this music room a rustic charm, without distracting from the room’s function.

Or you could try using a modular closet, to kind of store and display your instruments at the same time.

Go Bold and Futuristic 

music room with futuristic lights

Image Source: Instagram

Some people think of their music rooms as futuristic, experimental spaces. If this describes you, why not reflect your creative aspirations in your interior design choices?

We absolutely love this space disco-themed acoustic room, which uses multicolored neon as part of the stage and ceiling lighting. This interior decor, coupled with the chic home audio system setup, certainly makes this music room look right at home in a sci-fi movie!

Music Room Accessories

Beyond just making sure that a room is adequately decorated, it is crucial for you to add accessories to any room. The suggestions below showcase an extensive list of music room accessories that serve a functional purpose while adding to the visual impact of the decor!

Rug Utilization

music room with a rug and setup

Image Source: Instagram

If you ask us, rugs are a music room staple. Not only are they great at soundproofing, they also make versatile, aesthetically appealing additions. We recommend matching the primary color of the carpet to several tiny elements in the room for a cohesive feel. Throw pillows make an excellent example!

Guitar on Wall

music room with a guitar on the wall

Remember what we said about how musical instruments can make beautiful music room centerpieces? Well, displaying a guitar on the wall is a common way for guitarists to put this design tip to use! 

Displaying a guitar on the wall not only allows you to keep your favorite instrument in your line of sight, it also increases the likelihood of you picking it up and creating music with it! Perfect for creative souls who need a little visual reminder to make music.

Whether your guitar has a shiny nitro lacquer finish or a more subdued wooden tone, a guitar on the wall can be a pleasant addition to your music room.  

Instrument-Themed Furniture

music room with piano as a shelf

Image Source: Instagram

Themed rooms are not only lots of fun, but they can also add to the creative potential within a space. For that reason, we highly recommend incorporating instrument-themed furniture into your music room! Not only will this create a beautifully themed space, it can also inspire you to engage more wholeheartedly with your passions. And we all need that little push!


music room with soundproofing

Soundproofing is a must for any music room, making this entry one that is driven by function rather than aesthetics. Selecting furniture with soundproofing capabilities might help, but at the end of the day, your neighbors will thank you for soundproofing your music room with the right materials.

To soundproof a room, you want to make sure that all gaps in the doors and windows are properly sealed. Line the walls with a soft, thick material, or with dedicated soundproofing panels. If you intend to make this a DIY project, here’s an awesome guide!

Reuse Old Equipment

music room with drum as a nightstand

Image Source: Instagram

Though we wish this wasn’t the case, every piece of music equipment comes with an expected lifespan. Over time, you may find yourself needing to replace your old equipment with a newer model, to update your rig. When you find yourself in this position, consider repurposing or upcycling your old equipment!

We love the example depicted in the image above, in which an old drum set has been repurposed as a bedside table. Forget the days of mass-produced furniture – this design tip will practically guarantee that you have one-of-a-kind pieces!

Use Plants

music room with plants and pictures

The final accessorizing tip on our list involves the use of plants. In the same way sunlight improves mood and cognitive functioning, plants can have a positive impact on our general well-being. This makes it the perfect addition to a music room.

As a bonus, plants are versatile and will complement most design choices. Do you have a funky zebra rug? A classic brown couch? No problem! Your plant will look right at home amidst your pre-existing furniture, and might even tie disparate design elements together.

Add an Aquarium

Bonus music room with an aquarium

We’ve now surpassed 19 ideas, so this one’s a bonus. 🙂

As with plants, setting up a freshwater aquarium is a great way to add some life and color to your music room. And with the aquarium, you’ll also have some movement and activity that can be a fun distraction, especially if you invite friends over to use the music space with you.

It takes a little more upkeep than some of the other ideas on this list, but if you enjoy marine life it should be worth the effort.

(And don’t worry, you won’t need to get out your baitcaster reel. Just leave the fish in peace.)


Music rooms function as a recreational and creative space. If you’ve ever decorated a music room before, we’d love to hear all about how you made it work!

No matter what your preferences may be, we hope this article provides interior design tips and accessories that will work well for you. If you found it helpful, please do share it with a fellow music enthusiast!