The 5 Best Guitars for Worship [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

When you’re performing in a place of worship, it’s only natural that you want to sound your best.

Every riff, note, and cadence should be nothing short of perfect in the name of the Lord.

You have what it takes to make the music sound awesome, but does your guitar? Will your guitar help you to sound as awesome as this? 

If the answer is no, then it may be time for an upgrade.  You deserve something that will help you to reflect your worship in every note.

I know sometimes it can be difficult be to choose the best guitar for worship, so I’ve compiled this list of some of my favorites. Hopefully this will save you time, and make your decision easier!

Let's dive in. 🙂


A big concern when it comes to buying the perfect instrument for worship is the budget. Is it possible to buy a great guitar at an affordable price? 

I'm pleased to say that yes, it is entirely possible!

There are a lot of things to love about this guitar. To begin with, this guitar features an attractive, entirely mahogany body that will look ideal in a place of worship. The neck is made of maple and the fretboard is rosewood.

This guitar creates a pleasant sound when it’s plugged in, and this is thanks to the PRS 85/15 ‘S’ pickups. The sound is powerful, and will fill up even the largest of church halls. This sound is warm as well.

Of course, this guitar is also rather durable so you don’t need to worry about accidentally denting it just by placing your finger onto the construction.

It’s easy to use and play with a comfortable shape. 

For a guitar that’s this affordable, you can’t go wrong. 

There's one problem I'd mention. This is a pretty impressive guitar, but the G and B strings may need to be tuned more than normal. It doesn’t seem to stay in tune on these notes.


  • Great sound
  • Pickups help to create a warm sound
  • Attractive mahogany construction
  • Durable


  • The G and the B strings may need some extra tuning


If you are in the market for a decent guitar for worship, you may be well suited to the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro. 

It’s a great choice to accompany bands

This guitar is ideal if you want to add a little bit of extra power to a band’s sound, especially on the lead up to the chorus.

The top frets sound great and the guitar is ideal for creating high end licks. This makes it decent for doing solos too. 

This guitar creates some enjoyable sounds in the mid and low ranges. It’s not necessarily ideal for any particularly bright sounds.

This guitar comes with a coil tapping mechanism, which will allow you to have more control over the tone of the guitar. 

Did I mention how this guitar looks? This is an attractive beast, to say the least. You are going to love the mahogany body with a flamed maple top.

As a result of this mahogany though, there is a minor downside. The issue comes in the fact that the tone in the upper register can have a bit of a muddy sound so this is something that you should keep in mind.


  • Versatile tones due to coil tapping feature
  • Attractive design
  • Affordable


  • The tone can sound a little muddy in the upper register
  • The neck pickup is slightly under-powered


The Epiphone SG Special is a well known guitar in the world of worship.

It’s a good option if you are on a budget. You don’t need to worry about using your life’s savings to buy the best guitar for worship. 

As far as the construction is concerned, this guitar features a mahogany body and neck with a crisp looking Indian Laurel fingerboard. It also features a 650R Humbucker neck pickup and a 700T Humbucker T bridge pickup

It should be noted though that as far as durability is concerned this certainly is not the cream of the crop. This guitar has a ground wire that can come loose if you give it any particularly big bumps, so you will need to be extra careful when handling this guitar. Not ideal if you have a particularly annoying brother…


  • Great tonality
  • Affordable SG guitar
  • Attractive design


  • It can be a little fragile, with the ground wire becoming loose as a result of big bumps


If you aren’t quite decided between getting an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar, then the Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic Guitar may be just what you need.

This has all of the wonders of an acoustic guitar with just a sprinkle of extra electric guitar attitude tossed in.

This guitar is somewhat smaller than your average guitar, but this can be a good thing if you’re smaller! It creates a lovely sound when it’s plugged into an amplification device.

This guitar features a neck that’s simple to play and creates a clear, beautiful sound that your congregation is going to love.

It features a solid mahogany top, a rosewood fretboard and Fender advanced scalloped bracing. 

As a whole, this guitar is very enjoyable to play and your love for the Lord is sure to shine through when you use it.


  • Easy to play
  • Looks good
  • Acoustic style guitar with an extra bit of attitude!


  • Slightly smaller size may not fit in well with some people’s playing styles
  • High action


If you’re somewhat smaller or you’re looking for an acoustic guitar for worship for a little one, then the Martin LX1E Little Martin is a pretty decent choice to consider. It’s even been used by some bigger musicians out there such as Ed Sheeran.

It’s also a great choice if you are traveling a lot and want a guitar that’s relatively lightweight to accompany you on your excursions.

This guitar is very affordable, yet still has a lot to offer.

It has a multi piece neck that feels great to play, alongside the fret work and rounded fingerboard. 

The body consists of Sitka spruce top along with High Pressure Laminate back and sides. The neck features rust birch laminate. This all combines to create a guitar with a simple and classic look that you’re sure to enjoy. Though I wouldn’t recommend just staring at it for hours - you have music to get to playing!

The biggest issue with this guitar in my eyes is that it really isn’t designed for people with larger hands. If you are part of the big hand demographic then you may be better suited to looking for a guitar elsewhere.


  • Ideal for smaller people - good for children, for instance
  • Affordable
  • Looks like a classic guitar


  • It’s not the best choice for people that have bigger hands

Best Guitar for Worship: A Buyer’s Guide

Guitars have a legacy in a place of worship - every exultant pick of a string is like a message in itself from the Lord. Through the years, the types of guitars used for worship have changed as society has. 

This means that the question of what kind of guitar is best for worship can largely depend on you, your congregation, and the message you wish to convey.

While it may seem initially rather complicated to choose the best guitar for worship, we’ve made it our mission to make it easier for you. 

With that being said, here are some of the key things you need to remember when purchasing the best guitar for worship.

Acoustic or Electric? 

Whether you choose an acoustic or an electric guitar for worship is largely going to be determined by your church’s rules and policies

If your church isn’t exactly concerned about your guitar choice, then it comes down to you. Have you learned to play on an acoustic guitar, and is that what you are used to playing? If that’s the case, you may wish to opt for an acoustic guitar for the sake of convenience. 

An acoustic guitar may also give you more amplification than an electric guitar without the use of a separate audio device, such as a speaker.

If you have an acoustic-electric, you may want to try using pedals for things like tuning.    

If you’re playing with a band, then you will be better off opting for a guitar that complements your band’s playing style and the kinds of songs that you are going to be playing.

You could also try using an electric guitar for worship. An electric guitar will give you a fuller sound, so you can project well with the rest of your band. 

If you’re still learning to play guitar, then you may wish to consider which guitar will be most comfortable for you to learn with.

Ultimately, as long as the music sounds good, your congregation will likely be happy. Play what will sound and feel great to you, and trust that the Lord will help you to play your music in the best way to serve him. 


It’s important that the guitar that you buy is high quality for worship. Ultimately your goal is to enhance the worship experience, so you don’t want a guitar that’s going to sound worse than a cat being strangled. We’ve heard that sound far too many times and trust us - it’s not pretty! 

You want that one guitar that just blows you away. You don’t just want to buy a beat up six string from a secondhand store. 

So, you are looking to buy something that’s reliable, and from a brand that you can trust. Your guitar has a key role in conveying the Lord’s message through the art of song, so your budget needs to also reflect that.

guy playing guitar and reading bible

With that being said, you also may not want to break the bank. If this is the case, then you need to consider the things that are most important to you in a guitar. Are there any extra features that you simply must have? 

You need to pay for quality, nothing less. 

Brand Name

A brand name doesn’t always mean everything, but when it comes to buying guitars, having a brand name that you can trust for your six string can go a long way.

A brand can often carry a reputation of quality in both construction and sound. It can help you to trust that your guitar isn’t going to let you down in the middle of Amazing Grace.

You will also find that a lot of the big brand name guitars are also being used by some of the key worship bands out there, so getting that perfect sound will be a whole lot easier.

Some of the main brands that are used for worship are Gretsch, Nash, Duesenberg, Fano, and Fender, but this is not an exhaustive list. 

It’s All In The Look

Of course, the most important thing when it comes to a guitar is the sound it produces. We all know this. 

But - do you really want to go up in front of your congregation carrying a guitar that looks like it was made by a preschooler for their school instrument making project?

I thought not.  

Now, looks are a subjective thing. It all comes down to personal preference, but when it comes to a guitar for worship you want something that’s going to fit in with where you’re playing

You want something attractive that you can feel confident playing. But you don’t want something that’s so flashy that it takes away from the overall message of your piece. 

So, look for guitars that look more natural or ones in more subdued colors. The message you’re conveying is important, so make sure that it’s fully heard.


I'll always say this when it comes to guitars - make sure that if you’re buying a guitar, that it isn’t going to fall apart in a second.

You’re shredding those strings in a metaphorical sense, not in a literal sense. 

Make sure that if you drop a large rock on the guitar that it isn’t going to break. Guitars can be fragile things but they should be able to withstand at least a little bit of damage. 

Now, I don’t recommend testing the waters at home with how much your guitar can withstand. For instance, don’t try and use it as a sled during the winter because the results probably won’t be all that great.

If you want to know if your new six string can hold up against the test of time, then look online. The internet is a vast place, and all you really need to do is search for the guitar of interest. People like to share their opinions, and we can assure you that if there are any problems you will know about it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some key things to know when playing guitar for worship?

This article has some great guidelines for doing a great job of playing guitar for worship, but in short, when you’re playing guitar for worship it’s all about authenticity. If you’re playing a cover of an already existing song then try to keep it similar to the original.

Make sure that everything is coherent with other instruments if you’re playing with a band. 

Ultimately you need to make sure that you’re putting all of your love into the song to create the ambiance that you need. The whole point is to improve worship, your song is to serve the Lord and your congregation! 

The last thing you want is for your song to sound like you would rather be watching paint dry than playing.


So those are some of the best guitars for worship.

Hopefully, we’ve given you a little bit of insight into the best choices for you. Get ready to share the love with your congregation through the sound of music. 

If you'd like to see even more guitar options, why not check out my reviews of the best acoustic guitars for country music, the best baritone guitars, or the best guitars for punk music?

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Ben is a longtime guitar player and music enthusiast. He has performed extensively and recorded professionally. He founded Strummingly to help other people experience the joy of music.