Guitar Basics

Learn guitar basics and you’ll have the fundamental tools to achieve your guitar goals, one strum at a time. Here, you’ll find all of the must-know topics to transform you into your neighborhood’s guitar wizard in no time flat.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Bass Guitar? (Timeline + Tips)

How long does it take to learn bass guitar? Today I’ll share a detailed answer based on my own experience.

5 Alternatives to Nitro Lacquer Guitar Finish

Want a guitar finish that doesn’t crack, lose its color, or give off toxic fumes? Today I’ve covered 5 alternatives to nitro lacquer finish on your guitar.

7 Quirky Guitar Pick Alternatives (+ 3 Safer Options)

Tired of losing guitar picks? You may be surprised at the guitar pick alternatives right at your fingertips. Try some of these next time you lose a pick!

3 Benefits of a Low Action Guitar (& How to Adjust Your Guitar Action)

What are the benefits of a low action guitar? Today I’ll cover the advantages and disadvantages of low guitar action, as well as how to adjust the action on your guitar.

How to Strum a Guitar (A Beginner’s Guide)

Learning how to strum guitar properly is importantl & often overlooked. I've covered all the common strumming styles, so you can see what works best for you.

3 Causes of Guitar Wrist Pain or Hand Pain (& How to Treat Them)

Today I'll share with you 3 causes of guitar wrist pain or hand pain, and how you can treat them. I'll also share tips about proper posture when playing guitar.

The Best Free Guitar Lessons Online (For Any Style or Skill Level)

Looking for the best free guitar lessons online? I’ve got you covered! Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced guitarist, awesome free lessons await. :)

5 Benefits of Thicker Guitar Strings (& Who Should Use Them)

If you want to boost your tone, consider going up a string gauge. Learn the benefits of thicker guitar strings and how changing gauge can boost your playing.

4 Benefits of Fretless Guitars (And 3 Drawbacks)

Going fretless might seem intimidating. Do the benefits of a fretless guitar outweigh the cons? We’ll explore that topic.

3 Benefits of Big Guitar Picks

Changing the size of your guitar pick may improve your playing. Here are my thoughts about the benefits of big guitar picks.

39 Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners (Using 3 Chords or Less)

Here's a list of 39 EASY guitar songs for beginners. This list has all kinds of songs, and everything you need in one place. Tutorials, chords, lyrics & more,

Do Taller Guitar Players Have an Advantage?

Angus Young and Prince have proven that short dudes can shred the guitar! But do taller guitar players have an advantage? Find out if size really matters!