Guitar Basics

Learn guitar basics and you’ll have the fundamental tools to achieve your guitar goals, one strum at a time. Here, you’ll find all of the must-know topics to transform you into your neighborhood’s guitar wizard in no time flat.

5 Benefits of Thicker Guitar Strings (& Who Should Use Them)

If you want to boost your tone, consider going up a string gauge. Learn the benefits of thicker guitar strings and how changing gauge can boost your playing.

4 Benefits of Fretless Guitars (And 3 Drawbacks)

Going fretless might seem intimidating. Do the benefits of a fretless guitar outweigh the cons? We’ll explore that topic.

3 Benefits of Big Guitar Picks

Changing the size of your guitar pick may improve your playing. Here are my thoughts about the benefits of big guitar picks.

39 Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners (Using 3 Chords or Less)

Here's a list of 39 EASY guitar songs for beginners. This list has all kinds of songs, and everything you need in one place. Tutorials, chords, lyrics & more,

Do Taller Guitar Players Have an Advantage?

Angus Young and Prince have proven that short dudes can shred the guitar! But do taller guitar players have an advantage? Find out if size really matters!

The Benefits of a Ceramic Guitar Slide

Love the sound of slide guitar? If you’re interested in learning, check out the benefits of a ceramic guitar slide. They’re the perfect mix of glass and metal.

5 Benefits of Cutaway Guitars

There are several benefits of cutaway guitars. Today I'll explain 5 advantages and 1 disadvantage. Then I'll answer some common questions about cutaway guitars.

Dreadnought vs Concert – Picking the Right Guitar Shape

Dreadnought vs concert...say WHAT? I explain the differences between these acoustic guitar shapes in detail, so you can see which one would suit you best.

How to Tune a Guitar without a Tuner

Wondering how to tune guitar without a tuner? You’re in luck! We’re going through a variety of ways to tune by ear, which is an important skill to learn.

How to Clean a Guitar Fretboard with Household Items

If your guitar needs a bit of TLC but you can’t get to the store, don’t worry! Today I’m explaining how to clean guitar fretboard with household items.

Can I Use a Guitar Amp for Bass?

If you play both guitar and bass, you may find yourself wondering: Can I use a guitar amp for bass? The short answer is yes, but it’s not always a good idea.

How to Play Guitar Left-Handed (Various Options)

Today I’ll be discussing how to play guitar left handed. If you feel uncomfortable holding a guitar the conventional way, it might be right for you!