Beginner Basics – Start Here!

If you’re new to this site, here are some recommended resources to start with — from basic skills, to beginner equipment. 🙂

Basic Skills for Beginners

  1. Free Online Guitar Lessons (several options, for various skill levels)
  2. 39 Easy Beginner Guitar Songs (w/ chords & a demo video for each)
  3. How to Tune a Guitar (without a Tuner)
  4. How to Strum a Guitar (with various demos)
  5. How to Use a Guitar Strap (with examples of popular guitarists)

beginner Equipment

Here are some buying guides you may find useful as well. Each one carefully explains what to look for, and then reviews specific options.

  1. Best Blues Acoustic Guitars
  2. Best Acoustic Guitars for Kids
  3. Best Yamaha Acoustic Guitars
  4. Snark Tuner Comparison & Review

If you’d like to see even more posts, you can check out my complete list of blog posts as well.

Hope it helps! 🙂