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Interested in buying your next dream guitar but want to make sure you know every detail down to the last nut? You’re just like us. This is your go-to resource for all the latest and greatest guitar reviews, round-ups, and guitar accessory reviews. All reviews are unbiased, hands-on, and 100% original.

The Best Bass Fuzz Pedals (Reviews & Buying Guide)

There’s nothing quite like fuzz to add flavor to your bass sounds. Today I'll help you find the best bass fuzz pedal for your needs.

The Best Amp-In-A-Box Pedals (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Looking for the best amp in a box pedals? I've written a thorough buying guide and individual reviews on some of the best options. Check it out. :)

The Best Guitars for Punk (Reviews & Buying Guide)

What's the best guitar for punk? Today I'll show you what to look for in a punk guitar, and review several of my favorite punk guitars. Let's get started. :)

The Best Audio Interfaces under $500 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Looking for the best audio interface under $500? I've reviewed 5 options depending on your needs, and answered other common questions. Check it out! :)

Best Bass Strings for Slapping (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Looking for the best bass strings for slapping? With my in-depth reviews and detailed buying guide, I've got you covered. :) Check it out!

The Best 7 String Guitars (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Looking for the best 7 string guitar to get your groove on? I've written detailed reviews and a buying guide to save you some time. :)

Best Bass Distortion Pedals (Review & Buying Guide)

Looking for the best bass distortion pedals money can buy? With my thorough buying guide and individual reviews, I've got you covered. Check it out! :-)

The 5 Best Mini Guitar Amps (Reviews and Buying Guide)

Think mini guitar amps are toys? Think again! The best mini guitar amp can supercharge your playing and practicing and make jamming fun and easy.

The Best Guitar Picks for Speed

The best guitar picks for speed really depends on the music you play. Whether you prefer strumming, shredding, or picking, there’s a pick that’s right for you.

Yamaha F325 Review – A Solid Beginner Guitar

Yamaha guitars have been around forever. If you’re looking for something affordable with a warm, loud sound, read our Yamaha F325 review. It could be the one!

Snark Tuner Comparison & Review

Have you been looking for an affordable tuner that does the job and looks cool, too? My Snark tuner comparison & reviews will give you some solid options.

Epiphone Wildkat Review | What’s Good, What’s Not

Looking for an affordable and well-crafted Gibson-style guitar? Check out our Epiphone Wildkat review and see what we think about this semi-hollow body guitar.